Village Harvest HISTORY.

Our dedication to the finest quality food began long before the Village Harvest name. Since 1892 Village Harvest’s parent company Otis McAllister has been setting the standard of quality for grains and other products with the highest level of authenticity, taste, and nutrition in mind. From these principles were born our highest ideal of rice and grains: Village Harvest.

Based in Oakland, CA, Village Harvest originally imported and sold three types of rice sources uniquely from their traditional origins including Thai Jasmine Rice, Indian Basmati, and Italian Arborio. The success of these products led to expanding the line with brown and organic choices in the same categories. And because we are constantly working to provide the best rice and grains the world has to offer, we continually introduce new and exciting products, like the cracked green wheat, freekeh!

Non-GMO Commitment: Village Harvest is a proud member of the Non-GMO Project, meaning we believe in the consumer’s right to know what goes into their food. This non-profit organization was created by leaders representing all divisions of the organic and natural products industry in North America. They are committed to protecting and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing consistent and reliable non-GMO choices for organic and natural products.

  • To learn more about Village Harvest’s Non-GMO products visit our page on the Non-GMO Project website.
  • All of Village Harvest’s organic range are certified by CCOF, meaning they are non-GMO and more! Learn more about the benefits of organic at