Something Better Starts Here

We are committed to bringing you something BETTER.

Village Harvest Rice & Grains is invested in making change at every turn. From an inspired new dish to new ways to help the farmer, Village Harvest plays a big part in making things a little better. It’s more than just rice, it’s about discovering new possibilities at home in the kitchen, or thousands of miles away in the fields. Every day we’re planting seeds of change and growing possibilities, one bag of goodness at a time.


1% Profit Donating

1% of Company Profits
We pledge 1% of our profits to run programs that give back to the farmers and local communities from which we source our products.

1% Employee Time

Pledging 1% of Employee Time
We pledge to donate  1% of our employees’ time to charitable causes and sustainability efforts.

Expand Our Reach

Sustainability Programs are strengthened
With our 1/1 program of company profits and employee time we are deepening our commitment to philanthropy and sustainability.

We believe in GIVING BACK.

We are dedicated to showing our gratitude to the global communities in which we do business  through contributions to social development and sustainability projects.  Traveling the globe regularly, we see the hardships and struggles that many face every day and we challenge ourselves to make a difference with hands-on help whenever possible. This means, in addition to sending funds that help build schools, provide clothing and food and protect children, we spend time hammering nails, preparing soups and getting to know the locals and their needs. We pledge to donate 1% of our profits to make these programs so close to our hearts happen.

We believe in COMMUNITY. And so do our employees.

At Village Harvest we are also loyal to the communities local to us, which build us up every day.  We are lucky to call the Bay Area home and love to give back to the place that has given us so much opportunity. Our employees pledge 1% of their time to charitable causes and sustainability efforts right here in the community we live in. You can often find a group of us at our local food bank volunteering!

Together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We hope that through our pledge you will be inspired to get involved too! Continue to purchase Village Harvest to help make these programs possible. Don’t forget to spread the word and create buzz about what you do to help your communities. Share our pledge and yours on Facebook!