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  • Arborio Rice


WHOLE GRAINS  |  RICE  |  QUICK COOK Arborio RICE The foundation of a perfectly cooked, creamy risotto, Village Harvest’s Arborio rice will make you as passionate about your food as a traditional Italian. Harvested in Northern Italy where the climate is cool and the soil is marshy, this “superfino” grade [...]

  • Black Rice

Black Rice

WHOLE GRAINS  |  RICE  |  QUICK COOK Black Rice RICE In the days of the Ming Dynasty, the Emperors treasured black rice for its delicious, earthy flavor and because they believed it would give them a long and healthy life. Centuries later, scientific evidence indicates that they may have been [...]

  • Organic Basmati Rice

Organic Basmati Rice

WHOLE GRAINS  |  RICE  |  QUICK COOK Organic Basmati Rice RICE Village Harvest’s organic basmati rice is certified on-site in India, at the base of the Himalayas. Like traditional basmati, these long grains have a nutty flavor, slightly yellow color and a dry consistency, perfect for fluffy pilafs and other [...]

  • Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

WHOLE GRAINS  |  RICE  |  QUICK COOK Basmati Rice RICE Grown at the base of the Himalayas in India, basmati is long, slender and aromatic. Village Harvest ages its basmati for one year to enhance its natural nutrients and wonderfully nutty flavor. When fully cooked, these grains of rice remain [...]